Friday, June 18, 2010

Spongebob Squarepants - Saving Lives

Months ago a teenage girl saved her friend from choking to death using the Heimlich maneuver she saw on SpongeBob Squarpants (a cartoon on The Cartoon Network). AND NOW...he's done it again, but this time with a younger viewer.
In Washington Township, New Jersey, an eight-year-old boy saved a five-year-old boy from drowning . . . ALL thanks to "SpongeBob".

Both of the boys were with their families at a neighborhood party. The five-year-old boy, Andrew Gentile, waded into a small lake where some of the kids were swimming.

But the lake was deeper than he thought, and when his feet couldn't touch the bottom he started panicking.

Eight-year-old Reese Ronceray saw him, ran into the lake, swam over to Andrew, fished him out of the water . . . and took him to shore by wrapping one arm under his armpits, and using the other arm to swim.

And Reese learned that technique from SpongeBob, who apparently did it in an episode when he was saving a drowning friend. Once the boys were on the shore, Andrew was fine . . . he didn't need CPR, he was just shaken up.

In honor of Reese, his elementary school held "Reese Ronceray Day" this week . . . and the mayor of Washington Township is planning to give him special recognition.

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