Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lead In YOUR Kids Fruit Drinks???

We hate to sound like terrible local news anchors here, but this works for them, so we're going to steal it: Something in your house might be POISONING YOUR CHILDREN.

But . . . unlike the local news, we're not going to make you sit around through 21 minutes of garbage and filler to find out what the SILENT KILLER is. It's fruit drinks and snacks. You're welcome.

According to a study by a nonprofit group called the Environmental Law Foundation, more than 85% of the fruit drinks and snacks they tested contained lead.

The state of California has some of the strictest laws about chemicals in food. In California, the "safe" threshold for lead is half of a micro gram per day.

More than 85% of the products tested in this study had at least one sample containing MORE lead than that.

Now . . . before you PANIC, remember that not every sample of every product was high in lead. So if your kid's eating one serving of a "dangerous" fruit cocktail every day, he probably won't be poisoned.

But you should stay informed on which products do contain lead . . . so you can make sure your kid isn't taking down TONS on a daily basis.

CLICK HERE NOW for the products tested!!!

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