Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Man Spotted Himself . . . Randomly . . . In The Background Of His Fiancee's Childhood Disney Vacation Photo

Even though this REALLY stretches the definition of what does and doesn't qualify as "news" . . . it's an absolutely INCREDIBLE coincidence.

Alex and Donna Voutsinas are newlyweds in Boynton Beach, Florida. A few days before their wedding, they were going through their old family photos, and found one of Donna's family trip to Walt Disney World when she was just a little girl.

Alex looked at the background of the photo and spotted something incredible: A guy who looked like his FATHER.

They looked closer and realized it WAS Alex's father . . . and he was pushing a stroller with a baby ALEX in it. In other words, Alex was randomly in the background of his future wife's Disney World vacation photo.

It's even more of an incredible coincidence since Alex's family lived in Montreal, Canada, at the time, and happened to be taking a rare trip to Disney World. Once Alex was an adult he moved to Florida and met Donna at work.

-Donna says, quote, "I was glad he proposed before [we found] the picture, because I know that it was because he loves me and not because he thought it was meant to be, it was fate."

(Take a look at the photo. Donna is in the pink, posing with Smee from "Peter Pan" and her siblings. Alex's dad is the guy in the blue shirt pushing the stroller in the background) Story from NBC in Orlando.

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