Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shania Is Single...Kind Of

SHANIA TWAIN is now completely unshackled from her guru (slash) ex-husband MUTT LANGE. According to "People", the necessary documents were filed this week in Switzerland that finalized their divorce.

They have one son together, eight-year-old Eja. (--pronounced Asia) There's no word yet on the custody arrangements.

Shania hasn't released a statement, and I doubt she will. She's notoriously private. But her friends are yapping away to "People" . . . mostly saying Shania's still deeply involved with her studly Swiss boyfriend, FREDERIC THIEBAUD.

Shania and Frederic were together last month at the Swiss Red Cross Ball and a friend who was there said, quote, "She was radiantly happy. Her happiness certainly shone through. They are a great addition to each other's lives."

Another friend added, quote, "Shania and Fred are a couple that fit together. Things are getting really serious with Fred." (above's a photo of Shania and Fred at the Swiss Red Cross ball . . .)

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