Friday, June 18, 2010

Light Sabers Are For REAL...Get One Today!

A company in Hong Kong is now selling the first fully-functional LIGHT SABER. But they're NOT toys to play with at a "Star Wars" convention. These light sabers are REAL WEAPONS.

The company is called Wicked Lasers, and their light saber is called the Spyder 3 Pro Arctic. The laser beam that shoots out isn't thick like in "Star Wars", but it's just as DANGEROUS. Here are some of the warnings they give on their website:

The laser can BLIND someone by burning their retinas.

If it makes contact with skin, it can FRY it.

And, lasers this powerful may cause CANCER if you're exposed to them too much.

But, if you're still on board, these things sell for $197.97, plus about $30 for shipping to the U.S.

CLICK HERE NOW for the website.

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