Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey Gold Diggers...

The Boston Consulting Group put out its annual report on wealth around the world . . . where they rank all of the countries based on their percentage of millionaires.

And the U.S. finished in seventh place. Even though we've got 4.7 million millionaire households . . . which is BY FAR the most in the world . . . that's only 4.1% of our households.

Singapore is has the most millionaires, percentage wise. It has a population of 4.7 million . . . and 11.4% of the households in Singapore are worth at least $1 MILLION.

The full top 10, based on percentage of millionaires, goes: Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United States, Belgium, Israel, Taiwan.

The countries with the MOST millionaires, not the highest percentage, are the U.S., Japan, China, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The number of millionaire households worldwide went up by 14% last year, to 11.2 million . . . that's about where the total was before the global recession.

Less than 1% of the households worldwide are worth at least $1 MILLION . . . but those households own 38% of the world's wealth.

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