Monday, November 23, 2009

Letters to Santa

The post office may be doing letters, but the American Red Cross Rappahannock Chapter has a twist on their program - and it makes Christmas special for some child that might not have had a Christmas. Now more than ever they need YOUR help.

Letters to Santa, now celebrating its 21st year, is a holiday assistance program sponsored by the Rappahannock Area Chapter. Last year 765 local children received new toys and a winter coat through the program. Children one to twelve years of age, with their parents’ help, submit applications and letters via Social Services and Head Start. Then the letters are placed in binders ready for community members to choose a child to sponsor for the holidays.

We hope you will join the team of great Santas! If you would like to be a sponsor, please visit one of our adoption sites. Can’t come in? Just give us a call at (540) 735-0500.

Want a Great Turkey?

The answer; Dry Bringing Technique!
This technique is nothing more than salting turkey and letting it sit for several days. It's based it on Judy Rodgers' recipe that's famous with the gobbler cookers.
You know how turkey sometimes can be dry and bland...after dry-bringing, the meat is moist and flavorful. Even better, the texture of the meat stays firm, with none of the sogginess that can happen from added moisture.

CLICK HERE NOW for the details!!!

Or watch the video...

Let us know how it turns out! Happy Turkey!!!

Guess Who Cleaned Up at the AMA's

If you missed it - here are the winners from the AMA's AND the video of Adam Lambert (American Idol alum) taking a fall during his song...almost makes it look like it was supposed to be like that, but we know better.

Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift
Favorite Pop/Rock Group: Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist: Michael Jackson
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist: Taylor Swift
New Breakthrough Artist
New Breakthrough Artist: Gloriana

Favorite Country Band: Rascal Flatts (the win is their fourth in a row)
Favorite Country Male Artist: Keith Urban
Favorite Country Female Artist: Taylor Swift

Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift
Favorite Pop/Rock Group: Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist: Michael Jackson
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist: Taylor Swift

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Local Artist is Fired Up!!!

Local artist DLW is one of our favorites and his work is amazing! His web site (CLICK HERE NOW and see) features his art, and custom murals. DLW also does custom work for business, organizations, and emergency services. We also want to thank DLW and his co-workers for the job they do on the Fredericksburg Fire Department.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


OK, you've heard about the "leaked" sales fliers and rumors about some great deals for shopping but where to find them all???? We're looking out for you! Here are the links to some of the great deals that will be waiting for you - happy saving money! - Has plenty of electronics AND a Coupon page that includes foods, crafts and more.

Black Friday Ads - Has all the fliers available from all the stores you know and love

Fat Wallet - has deals, coupons and forums to find out if its worth it or see where other deals are. You may have to sign up for the info, so be aware of that.

Deal News - Just brows the top tabs and you'll see that they have it all. - Coupon section that kicks butt!

Free Lance Star Newspaper - when your ready to shop, you'll have all your sales fliers in hand! Order yours today!!!

Good luck - and if you find any great deals, pass them on to us!

OMG - Now That's a Ship!!!

Bigger and longer than the US Capital building (1184ft. long), 18 decks, and from bow to the stern is almost a quarter of a mile! The Oasis of the Seas will set sail in December and will be able to accommodate a crew of 2,165 and will carry as many as 6,296 paying customers - OMG!
CLICK HERE NOW to read more and see pics!!! Book now and I'll be your bag boy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Breakfast and Your Perk in One Stop!

OK, if you wake up at 0'dark thirty, you look for caffeine and food to get you going. Well now there's a food that's got it all...PERKY JERKY!!! Yes, it is beef (everything a growing boy needs) and it's infused with caffeine. One package contains enough caffeine equal to 4 cups of coffee! It's a first - low fat, high energy, and beefy...mmm.
What a great stocking stuffer!!!
You can order yours by CLICKING HERE. Happy Perky!

Cash for Flunkers ???

Goldsboro, North Carolina's Rosewood Middle School is selling students grade points for $20. Principal Susie Shepherd says her school is cash strapped. Students can use the points on any two tests of their choosing. "Last year they did chocolates, and it didn't generate anything."
Some parents offer kids money for good grades, is there anything wrong with the revers?
Voice your opinion below OR on our FB account under Moore Cash. We'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can You Help Her???

A Virginia 12 year old girl can't stop sneezing...16 sneezes a minute...bless you, bless you, bless you, uh...ditto to infinity. If you have any suggestions or home remedies, please email us or send a note on our Facebook and let us know. Let's help this poor girl out and give her some calm in her life. (link to watch: )

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day...We Remember

Thank you and God bless our men and women in the military! Take a moment to thank a Veteran today - weather you shake their hand, donate your time, or place flowers on a final resting place.
IF YOU'RE looking for different ways YOU can thank our Veterans CLICK HERE NOW.
(or copy and paste

Thinking about sending a care package? Sometimes just the little things make a big difference, CLICK HERE NOW to find out how.
(or copy and paste

Ways to Salute and Celebrate, CLICK HERE.

Annual Donations for the USO...CLICK HERE

If you're a Veteran, THANK YOU!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Taylor Swift on SNL

She was very good, one of the better episodes I've seen in the last 6 months. Check these vids out of her on the show - you'll love the Twilight rip off! (FB peeps, go to our blog at

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad Driving is in Your DNA?

Don't bother yelling, cussing at that bad driver, he can't help it -- it's in his genes! The study found that people with a particular gene variant performed more than 20 percent worse on a driving test than people with a different DNA sequence. That may explain why there are so many bad drivers out there because about 30% of Americans have the variant. Ironically, the research team had not set out to discover insights into driving but chose the driving test because it uses common skills. Researchers said they'd love to do new research and find out how many people involved in car crashes have the gene variant. (Reuters)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street!

Wow, it's been 40 years already? Man that makes me feel old. On the brighter side, every time I think of Sesame Street it brings a smile to my face. Who was your favorite Sesame Street Charactor? CLICK HERE NOW to see them all. Tell us in the comments what you remember best about Sesame Street...or Miss Piggy will find you and swine and dine ya!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bow Chica Wow Wow...

This is good for a laugh - remember Axe spray commercials???