Tuesday, November 17, 2009


OK, you've heard about the "leaked" sales fliers and rumors about some great deals for shopping but where to find them all???? We're looking out for you! Here are the links to some of the great deals that will be waiting for you - happy saving money!

Deals.com - Has plenty of electronics AND a Coupon page that includes foods, crafts and more.

Black Friday Ads - Has all the fliers available from all the stores you know and love

Fat Wallet - has deals, coupons and forums to find out if its worth it or see where other deals are. You may have to sign up for the info, so be aware of that.

Deal News - Just brows the top tabs and you'll see that they have it all.

Fredericksburg.com - Coupon section that kicks butt!

Free Lance Star Newspaper - when your ready to shop, you'll have all your sales fliers in hand! Order yours today!!!

Good luck - and if you find any great deals, pass them on to us!

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