Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Condo for a Veteran?

Developers want to give a condo away to a Veteran, but they say no one wants it? Why?
CLICK HERE for the story!

On The Way UP - Mike Corrado's Song STAND

Singer/songwriter and U.S. Marine Mike Corrado garnered national radio and television airplay after releasing his song “On My Watch Tonight” from his 2005 album Falling Awake. The song, which features guest vocals from friend and multi-platinum artist Edwin McCainI’ll Be/I Could Not Ask For More) is the story of a Marine’s journey from Boot Camp to the front lines, and quickly became an anthem for service men and women past and present around the world.
His new song Stand (featured below) is sure to be a hit with a great story that many can relate to! Mike has opened for some big names like John Mayer, Bon Jovi, and Black Eyed Peas just to name a few.
CLICK HERE NOW to check out his website and order his album - $1 from each purchase goes to the Wounded Warrior Fund. Music is also available from itunes and

7 Year Old Looks to Raise $20K

After 7 year old Josh Dazet found out his Mom (Marie) had breast cancer - he was determined to do something about it, so he formed a team to raise money in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event on June 5th. Josh said "I wanted to do the Race for the Cure for mommy and all the other mommies who have breast cancer," says Josh, "to help all the mommies to find a good way for a cure".

Marie, 41 and a divorced mother of four, has been fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer for 10 months. After Josh heard ads for the 3.1-mile race that benefits cancer research, he started pestering his mom to put together a team. He never let up till a team was formed and now team Josh has 18 members who have raised more than $5,600 toward their $20,000 goal.

CLICK HERE for more on the story or CLICK HERE NOW for their page and to help them reach their goal!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The New Barbie With...Cleavage?

A few months ago, Mattel released a new line of Barbie dolls called the "Back to Basics" collection.

There are 12 dolls in the collection, and they're all dressed in stylish, black cocktail attire. Which is fine except one of the dolls . . . the number ten . . . is wearing a dress with a plunging neckline that reveals some serious, bowling-ball cleavage.

Anyway, now some parents are upset about the doll. They say they don't want their daughters playing with a doll that encourages the fake-breasted stripper look. Mattel has refused to comment.

Prepare to be outraged. What are your thoughts?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex In The City Looks for Much Less...

If you love the fashion in those Sex in the City movies, but don't have the Benjamins to throw around - check out this link that will give you the style without spending the pile...of money.

Willie Nelson Cut His Hair?

Was he drunk, hit his head, or just to old to remember who he is? Whatever the reason - he cut his trademark hair.
There aren't too many people in the world who can make news just by cutting their hair. WILLIE NELSON is one of them. Have a look . . .

If You Missed it - Your New American Idol Is...

LEE DEWYZE edged out CRYSTAL BOWERSOX to win "American Idol" last night. But it really wasn't about the boring contestants. The show was mostly about SIMON COWELL and the 18 trillion guest stars who showed up to perform.

The show went with its usual formula of having a contestant or contestants start singing a song . . . then having the artist who made that song popular come out and finish it off with them.

They kicked off the night the RIGHT way with ALICE COOPER . . . who busted onstage to add some much-needed ROCK AND ROLL to the cast's rendition of "School's Out".

Other performers included Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette, Chicago, Hall and Oates, the surviving members of the Bee Gees, Michael McDonald, Joe Cocker and Janet Jackson . . . (--Who looks frighteningly like her brother Jermaine with that new, short hairdo.)

But the biggest surprise had to be BRET MICHAELS . . . who did "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with CASEY JAMES. And he looked and sounded A LOT better than he did at the "Celebrity Apprentice" finale this past Sunday.

They also brought back a very confused-sounding GENERAL LARRY PLATT for a more high-tech version of his now-classic groove, "Pants on the Ground".

And he was joined by a special guest star: WILLIAM HUNG. (--Please. We're WAY over William Hung. What about the song's most famous singer, BRETT FAVRE??? If HE had shown up, it would have been AMAZING.)

But again, the night was mostly about Simon. There were several "comedic" video packages dedicated to him, and DANE COOK did a song incorporating some of the stuff he's said to crappy contestants over the years.

Then PAULA ABDUL made her return to the "Idol" stage to say goodbye.

She tried a little standup (slash) roasting, but she was serious when she said, quote, "I love all the fun we had together, I love all the laughter we shared together." She added, quote, "[The show] is not going to be the same without you, but as only I can tell you, it will go on." Then, all the previous "Idol" winners . . . except DAVID COOK, for some reason . . . started up a song, and were soon joined by a stage full of other former contestants . . . including THE INCOMPARABLE JUSTIN GUARINI!!!

(--For those of you who don't remember them all, the other winners, in order, were: Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, and Kris Allen. David won the seventh season.)

Simon himself then took the stage, and admitted he was a lot more emotional than he thought he'd be. He said, quote, "I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, the fun and your sense of humor. That's what's been the best part. It's been a blast. Thank you."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Cleavage Caddy Is Here

How many times has this happened, ladies? You're getting ready to go out, when you run out of room in your purse, so you end up leaving a bunch of stuff at home. Well, it doesn't have to be that way . . .
NOW there's the Cleavage Caddy . . . an insert for your bra that can be used as an extra pocket to carry your lipstick, credit cards, and keys. Between the girls.
According to the product website, the Cleavage Caddy is the perfect way to, quote, "enhance your attire with a feminine influence.
"If you choose the lace version, the lace covers your cleavage, adding an extra element of modesty, while still allowing you to carry all of your personal items discretely tucked in your bra." So now it's OK to stuff your bra...full of stuff.
The Cleavage Caddy sells for $29.95. If you want to see one CLICK HERE NOW

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Little Help Please...

Would you take 1 minute to tell us how we're doing AND how we can make a better show for YOU? ...
QuestionPro : Understanding Your Audience »

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simon Could Be Knighted

Oh Brother, now I've heard it all...Queen Elizabeth is planning to knight Simon Cowell for his charity work and for generating millions for the British record industry. A source says British Prime Minister Gordon Brown pushed for the honor. "Gordon Brown was very keen for Simon to get proper recognition for his work. He was particularly impressed by the way Simon responded to his suggestion to release the record for Haiti by dropping everything to ensure it was a success. And there's also no doubt Simon has brought a great deal of happiness to millions of people with his music and TV shows."
I hope when she "knights" Simon, the sword slips and she cuts his ear off.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss USA a Pole Dancer???

The Miss USA Pageant is investigating claims that Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih won a stripper contest in 2007. She reportedly took home jewelry, gift cards, adult toys, a stripper pole for home use and a bra stuffed with dollar bills. A Detroit radio station sponsored the contest. A source close to the Miss USA pageant tells, "This is not a big deal and isn’t going to affect her crown. Miss USA Rima Fakih is a great representative of Miss USA." I won't believe it till I see it...many, many pictures of it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Of Our Son's Has Fallen

Former Stafford H.S. graduate and Marine Sgt. Donald J. Lamar II, was killed in action Wednesday, May 12th, at the age of 23, while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Lamar family.
A scholarship fund has been set up for his daughter. The "Madison in Memory of Sgt. Donald Lamar" fund is at Union First Market Bank. Donations can be given at any branch.
SHOW YOUR SUPPORT to the family by SIGNING a condolence book and let them know that Marines AND the community are thinking of them. Any NOTES OF INSPIRATION, KIND WORDS, or BLESSINGS can be sent via email to; You can address it to Wendy or Janet. Thank you in advance for your support.

2010 Marine Corps Historic Half Team WFLS

Billy Currington @ CVL on May 14th 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Future Is Here

Coke has a line of vending machines coming out with choices that you wont find on the shelves. Better yet, you can mix and match flavors if you wish or try brands you've never had before...
Check out the vid

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Homemade Acne Remedies That Work

Most homemade remedies don't work very well, but according to Reader's Digest, these do. Here are three strange acne remedies that can clear up your skin . . .

#1.) ASPIRIN. This is good if you only get the OCCASIONAL zit. Crush up one pill, add a few drops of water, and rub it on. Wait a few minutes, then wash it off with soap and water. The aspirin should get rid of the redness and reduce the pain.

#2.) TOOTHPASTE. You might have heard this one before. That's because it WORKS, but only if you do it right. First, it has to be a PASTE, not a gel. And it can't be whitening toothpaste.

Second, you have to leave it on all night. The toothpaste needs time to dehydrate the pimple and suck up all the oil.

#3.) OLIVE OIL. It sounds weird to put oil on your face, since an oily face is usually associated with pimples. But people swear this one works. Mix three tablespoons of olive oil with four tablespoons of salt until it becomes a paste.

Then just rub it all over your face. The salt exfoliates your skin, and the olive oil restores your skin's natural moisture.

info from Reader's Digest

Monday, May 10, 2010

No Arms, No Kneecaps, No Problem

Wow...32-year-old Sheila Radziewicz (--pronounced 'Rad-zuh-wich' lives in Peabody, Massachusetts (--about a half-hour north of Boston). And as a result of a congenital birth defect, she was born without arms or kneecaps, and with her feet facing toward each other.

It's a condition called 'TAR' syndrome. (--That's short for thrombuh-SEE-toh-PEHnya with Absent Radius.) And it means that while Sheila has hands and fingers, they're at the base of her torso by her shoulders, where her arms would have started.

But she's had success with surgeries and leg braces, and three years ago, she started taking martial arts. And next month she'll test for her black belt in Taekwondo.

Obviously, some of her training is different to accommodate her condition. But that might not mean what you think. For instance, when she's demonstrating her use of nunchucks, Sheila sometimes uses her teeth to grip the weapon. (???)

Oh, and she drives a specially-designed car with only her feet, and works as an advocate in the court system for women who've been victims of domestic violence.

(The Salem News)

(Check out Sheila in action - CLICK HERE NOW.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Homes For Our Troops is Here...

Homes for Our Troops, a nonprofit based in Taunton, Mass., assists severely injured service members and veterans by raising money, gathering building materials and enlisting professional labor. It coordinates the construction of new homes, or adapts existing ones, for handicapped accessibility. 22 year old Sgt. Kiernan is one of the US Marienes that hopes the program can help him out. He chose a lot off U.S. 17 in Stafford.

How can you help him and others like him? Many different ways...

CLICK HERE NOW for the full story or CLICK HERE for the Free Lance Star story!

for questions about what items are still needed:

No More Excuses!!!

f you hate working out, you'll make all sorts of excuses to skip the gym. Here are five common exercise excuses and how to beat them . . .

#1.) "I DON'T HAVE TIME." Check out a website called It's got hundreds of "Mini Workouts" that are anywhere from one to four minutes long. They're perfect if you have a short attention span when it comes to working out.

--It doesn't sound like a lot, and you're supposed to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, but the "Mini Workouts" can add up.

#2.) "I DON'T KNOW HOW." If you don't even know where to start, go online. On websites like, you can enter your fitness level, your goals, and the type of equipment you're using, and it'll give you a customized workout plan.

#3.) "HOME EQUIPMENT IS TOO EXPENSIVE." Some of the big workout machines are thousands of dollars. But you don't really need all that stuff.

--You can get a solid workout with one set of dumbbells, which cost about $30, and one of those big bouncy exercise balls, which cost about $20.

#4.) "I DON'T LIKE WORKING OUT ALONE." On and, you can type in your zip code and find people who are looking for someone to go jogging with, or biking, or rowing . . . basically anything.

--You can even type in specific things like "hiking with your dog."

#5.) "I HATE IT." If you just can't stand working out, you have to find a way to make it fun. If your kid already has a Nintendo Wii, look no further.

--You'll have to buy the Wii Fit Balance Board, which is $100, but once you've got it, you can do more than 60 activities, like strength training, ski jumping, or just the hula hoop. If you DON'T have a Nintendo Wii, a new one will cost you $200. But think of how much fun you'll have!

(Source: Readers Digest)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville Under Water

A lot of people are wondering if there's anything they can do to help those affected by the devastating floods in Nashville. There is. The Red Cross has set up a special website for you to donate CLICK HERE NOW. Unfortunately there have been many deaths and injuries, and more to come. It has affected everyone from people in hard times to rich and famous.

And . . . as you probably know, the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame both shut their doors because of extensive flooding.

The Opry has temporarily moved their shows to the Ryman Auditorium and the War Memorial Auditorium. Things are still in flux though, so you should check the Opry website for show details, CLICK HERE to do so.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is hoping to reopen by the end of the week. The good news is that none of their exhibits or collections have been damaged. Here's their site, CLICK HERE NOW.

As far as the CMA Music Festival, which takes place in downtown Nashville . . . they've issued a statement saying the show WILL GO ON. The CMA festival is June 10-13. You can check them out here, CLICK NOW.

A lot of country artists have been affected by the floods, but nothing too serious. LeAnn Rimes, Little Big Town, Brad Paisley and Chuck Wicks are all reporting they've had damage to musical equipment and/or concert gear.

Unfortunately, JO DEE MESSINA'S home got hit pretty hard. She says there's as much water in her house as in her pool.

We ask that you keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.

Tase Your Fans!

17-year-old Steve ran out onto the field at a Philadelphia Phillies game on Monday night, and a security guard shot him in the back with a Taser gun. Steve's mother, Amy, publically apologized for what Steve did, saying it was "shocking" and the Philadelphia Phillies "didn't deserve this." Here's how it happened...

17-year-old Steve Consalvi ran out onto the field at a Philadelphia Phillies game on Monday night, and a security guard shot him in the back with a Taser gun. (--You can see the video HERE.) Steve's mother, Amy Ziegler, publically apologized for what Steve did, saying it was "shocking" and the Philadelphia Phillies "didn't deserce this."

The $600 Million Dollar Man

William Shatner’s story and his income are out of this world! Yes, you could say "he boldly went where no man has gone before".

According to the Toronto Sun, William Shatner, asked for stocks instead of cash when he became pitchman for the Internet travel company in 1997. He has made (hold onto your seats) $600 million as the spokesman for All those quirky commercials, voice overs, a few appearances...$600 Million!

WOW. OK, I think we’ve found Jessica’s sugar daddy…if she ever gets close enough to him, she’ll put a Vulcan pinch on him and his “enterprising wallet”!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Gonna Eat That?

We've got a list today that can prove to the rest of the world they're wrong: There actually ARE some foods that all of us chubby Americans WON'T eat. From Yahoo, here's a list of the 10 most hated foods in the U.S.

#1.) Liver

#2.) Blue cheese (--This is really the only one on the list that surprised us.)

#3.) Eggplant

#4.) Okra

#5.) Sardines

#6.) Lima beans

#7.) Brussels sprouts

#8.) Grits

#9.) Hard-boiled eggs

#10.) Beets

Have any you would have added to the list? Click on the "comment" section below.