Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus -"I feel so embarrassed"

What's the buzz about Miley Cyrus and those "nude" pics?

Hardly nudes. The photos that are part of the June 2008 Vanity Fair photo of Miley Cyrus, shot by Annie Leibovitz, has created quite the stir -but is it justified?

If you're compelled to search out the supposed controversial photo spread, we've got more. You can find behind-the-scenes photos from the Vanity Fair photo shoot here:


Anonymous said...

very tasteful.

Let's see... Annie Leibovitz, media frenzy, enhanced superstar status. Yup. It's the textbook road-to-stardom operation as orchestrated by the entertainment industry.

Can't you smell it?

Anonymous said...

Definitely planned to transition Miley from tween to teen to next Brittany/Lindsey/Paris type personality? (Hopefully not)

The resulting reaction to all this had to be considered by all involved, parents, agent, magazine. If reaction was overly positive then they would be crowing about how Miley is growing up to be an adult. If the reaction was bad, they would throw out the OMG I didn't realize what they were doing to/with me card.

Just another way to have Miley get to that $1B marketing level soon if not sooner.

The Disney company needs to find her replacement ASAP and not expect that person to last but just a couple of 3 years as its tween star before she too moves up to the next level.