Friday, May 9, 2008

Stafford gets hit with Tornado

Wow! A number of businesses along Lansdowne Rd. were hit with violent storms overnight.
About 100 homes were damaged -12 or more were destroyed in the England Run subdivision!
Do you have photos of the damage? send me your pics and I'll post them here...

video link []

story link [WFLS News]


Anonymous said...

Geez. I had no idea.
I heard thunder, then pouring buckets of rain all night.
I heard there are a lot of people that were evacuated and are staying at Gayle Middle School.


Nancy said...

Does anyone know how we can help?
I have some room in my house that I could make available for anyone that has been left homeless...

--Mitch said...

Rappahannock Area Chapter of the American Red Cross

/not fema

Jessica Cash said...

Anthony Romenellow and Cathy Riddle, Public Information Officers of Stafford Country were in the WFLS studio this morning with the following information regarding support for victims of the May 8th tornado:
Stafford County Help: 540.658.4221
United Way: 540.373.0041

Please call them if you can help!