Monday, April 28, 2008


I have had a number of phone calls from WFLS listeners wanting to share money saving ideas, recipes, driving duties for kids, or what ever might help during this time that everyone is having to cut back. If you have any great recipes that feed large families and want to share them please do. If you have a unique way you are saving money please let us know.


Anonymous said...

Gas-saving Tips.
It's not much, but here's my own rules on getting the most out of the gas that I buy:

Pump slowly -full blast puts a certain amount of air in the tank. Medium speed is better.
Pump in the AM -cooler gas is heavier and more concentrated than hot gas.
Never if the tanker is present -if you see the gas tanker truck filling the underground tanks, don't stop. The tanks will be churned up and means you'd be pumping more impurities into your tank.
Pump on half-tank -don't wait till you're on "E". It's more cost effective to pump half tanks.


Anonymous said...

I am not looking for help I want to help others, our house went up for auction and we had to hire an attroney to stop the sell. We had a HUD person helping us since August 2007 and he jerked us around for so long we almost lost our home again. The attroney isn't doing all that good for advise but we had no choice if we want to keep our home---hoping the Finanace company comes through. I am trying to say The Govt people aren't helping as much as they say they are.