Monday, June 23, 2008

We Struck GOLD!!!

On Friday we talked about "one tank trips" to do with friends or family. One that caught us by surprise was, panning for gold. Now of course it appeals to us in many ways...nature, family time, and um....$$$$!
Steve Sekula was good enough to bring this great outing to our attention and invited us to go panning for gold near Lake Anna. Jessica couldn't make it so I took my family to a stream with a dream, and we meet Steve Sekula a.k.a. Master Panner
Steve taught us the tricks of the trade, and then we went to work.
I didn't think we'd find any gold, but have a nice family day and get some exercise. Boy was I wrong - WE STRUCK GOLD! Thanks to Steve and his keen eye, we went home with excitement about our experience! We are hooked! Needless to say we have our next 12 weekends planned out - or should I say panned out.
If you're interested, CLICK HERE to get more information. See some of the pics below.
Thanks again to Steve Sekula!

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