Friday, June 6, 2008

Save Money at the Parks this Summer...

Amusement Park

6 Ways to Hit an Amusement Park on the Cheap from Smart Money

- Visit on weekdays .. Saturdays are parks' busiest days, so many offer discounts for weekday attendees,

- Buy online .. Ticket prices are often 35% cheaper, plus you'll save time waiting in line.

- Pay with plastic .. Discounted theme park admission is a common credit-card perk

- Go late .. Arrive at the park once the afternoon rush has dispersed, and you can easily save 20% or more with so-called twilight entry passes,

- Consider a season pass .. Passes typically pay for themselves in just two visits, and offer additional value through freebies and special access,

- Check your wallet .. Employers, banks, professional organizations and clubs may offer discounts or specially-priced tickets

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