Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Way Cool...

We talked about "The Hottest Jobs" this morning ranging from Jessica's Corn Detassler to Lineman, Bus Drivers, Roofers, and being a US Serviceman. The heat is going to only increase and to help cooool you down, we're passing on some great tips;

*Drink lots of cold drinks. Water is the best but cool liquids of any type will help to cool you down.

*Keep still and quiet (this is big for parents with kids). This is not a good time for exercising, sports or running around. Keep these activities for the evening when the air becomes cooler and the sun goes down.

*Go swimming (but not in the Rappahannock). If you can, select a shady body of water.

*Have a cold shower or bath. Even a small amount of water sprayed or splashed on you can help. Or try a face washer dipped in cold water and held against your face and forehead for instant cooling relief. Wet towels if you need to cool all of your body and wrap your legs, torso and arms with them.

*Wet your hair with cold water every half an hour.

*Apply lots of sun protection lotion throughout the day. The protective function of such lotion only lasts for a few hours and less when you are in water. Reapply frequently for best coverage.

*Wear a hat and don't expose too much skin. Long-sleeved shirts made of cotton, hemp and other natural fabrics will help deflect the sun's rays and protect your skin.

*Keep inside or in the shade when the sun is at its height. Don't go outside if you can help it between 11 o' clock and 3 o' clock, as these are the hours during which the sun is at its strongest.


**If you get a headache, drink lots of water and stay in the shade. Lie down if you feel faint.

**Always be attentive to the elderly who can suffer heat exhaustion quickly.

**Keep an eye on your companion animals as well, to make sure that they do not suffer from heat exhaustion or dehydration. Leave water bowls around for them and other animals in your garden or yard.


***If you sunbathe, reapply sunscreen cream more often than you think you need to. Water washes the sunscreen lotion off.

***Read the labels of sunscreen cream very carefully. Be informed about the ingredients and make sure they are suitable for your skin.

***Dehydration is a serious condition - stay hydrated!

for more great info from Wiki, CLICK HERE

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