Thursday, July 8, 2010


Did you know that the name you chose for your pet is a reflection of your personality? Experts say it reveals a treasure trove of information about both you and your relationship with your furry or feathered friend. Choose the category that fits you and your pet, and learn more about the real you:
1) Human name -- You're a warm, nurturing person who considers your pet a member of the family. Just like with your other loved ones, you're attentive to his or her needs, and you lavish your pet with affection.
2) Name to match appearance -- You're an easy going person with a practical outlook. So it figures you'd find a name like Shaggy or Spot that reflects your pet's looks and personality. After all, he or she is as individual as anyone else in your circle of family and friends.
3) Famous name -- You're a self assured type who loves flaunting your knowledge of pop culture, including naming your animal after a famous person. Your confident air also attracts people with the same flair.
4) Old fashioned name -- Although your pal's moniker may be Fido, you can't deny that you have a terrific imagination. In fact, using a name that's no longer popular emphasizes your creative side along with your infectious sense of humor.
5) Unique name -- You're an extrovert who loves to be the center of attention and giving your pet an offbeat name is a sure way to gain the spotlight. People are so intrigued, you find yourself in spontaneous conversations wherever you go.

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