Thursday, July 1, 2010

Songwriters: The Tragedy In The Gulf Needs A Song.

The devastation in the Gulf of Mexico cuts across so many lives -- from fishermen to oil workers to tourists -- and so many places -- from beachfront hotels to bird sanctuaries.
We've all been moved by the photos and personal stories of loss, disappointment, despair and, yes, hope.
What we haven't heard is a song that captures some of those feelings.
So we're calling on our readers to try their hand at capturing the mood of the moment in an original song.
One thing we've found in our ongoing photo series on the changing seasons is that there are a lot of talented folks across the country with something to share.
For those of you inclined to music and lyric writing, we invite you to watch the 2 1/2 minute slide show above (or click here) of the Gulf oil and write an original song to accompany it.
You pick the style: From country music to New Orleans jazz to Jimmy Buffett with an edge. In short, whatever moves you. CLICK HERE for the rules.

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