Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buried in The Asphalt?

This is a strange one...In 1831, a woman named Nancy Barnett was buried in a cemetery about 20 miles south of Indianapolis. She handpicked the location of her gravesite, and made it clear to her family it was the exact location where she wanted her remains to stay.
Fast forward to the early 1900s. Officials in Indiana decided they needed to put a new road right through the cemetery where Nancy was buried. And to do so, they wanted to relocate all the graves.
But Nancy's family wasn't cool with that. So to make sure nobody touched her grave, her grandson guarded the burial plot with a shotgun.
Eventually, after all the other graves were moved, officials decided it would just be easier to leave Nancy's grave alone. So they split the road in half, leaving Nancy's grave site in the median. Which is where it remains to this day. Strange huh?

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This is at Lee Highway and Nutley Street at the entrance to the Pan Am Shopping Center. Here is a link about the plot.