Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Battle is ON!

Let's do lunch!
If YOU come out to have lunch with us, everyone wins!!!
The annual Shoe Fund Luncheon for the Salvation Army will take place on Wednesday, December 16, from 11AM-2PM, at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Central Park.
Jessica Cash and Geoff Moore will be your hosts in Central Park.

The lunch is $10.00, with 100% of the procee
ds to benefit the Shoe Fund. You can eat in or order for take out, but we'd love to see you there!!!

Central Park

1811 Carl D Silver Pkwy


Anonymous said...

Um, wherever the guy in the photo is going to go for lunch, I'm going to the other place.

Anonymous said...

I am unable to make it out there for lunch. Can I donate to help out the cause and where could I do that?

Anonymous said...

You can send donations to:

Salvation Army Shoe Fund
P.0. Box 179
Fredericksburg, VA 22404