Monday, July 6, 2009

Move It! ...with Your Mind

A revolutionary new video game is giving kids the power to move things with their mind.
NeuroSky is a company that has developed video games and headsets that force players to use their mind in order to move objects in the game.
For their first-person shooter game Judecca, users battle demons that pop up as soon as their brain begins to fully concentrate.
Certain changes in their brain cause certain things to happen in the game.
Spokesperson Tansy Brooke explains, “All of a sudden you’ll see demons attacking you. You have to stay concentrated to see them and also to be able to fight back.”
Brooke likens the video game experience to having telekinesis and says, “Who hasn’t ever wanted to move things with their mind?”
Those who use it for the first time are generally taken aback by the experience, which Brooke calls “eery and exciting.”
She adds, “It’s so weird at first, you have to do it to believe it.”

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