Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Forget to Pack Us Away !

Here are just a few of the pics sent to us and where we've gone so far with some of our best peeps!

Don't forget to Download us (flat Stanley style) below, decorate/color & take us on vacation with you. It's that easy!! If you take us with you on your Summer Vacation - it could pay off big!

Make sure you...Keep track of our Summer Adventure, take pics, and keep a log of the who-what-where-when list of things we did. As you go, send us 2-4 pics of each trip and we'll post in our "Family Album" on our blog page.At the end of the Summer (Labor Day) we'll give out prizes to a few for unique situations.

Along the way we urge you to sen us \pics from your multiple destinations. We'll then post them for the "Moore Cash Peeps" to view.The pics should consist of the Moore Cash Flat Stanley's - YOU - and the Person/Place/ or thing that summarizes your trip. Please send us 2-4 pics for each trip. Send to

Winners will be selected after Labor Day and will be awarded prizes in the above categories!So get ready, get set, lets vacation together ! ! !

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