Friday, May 1, 2009

Secrets of the FBI...

I've been fortunate enough to be enrolled in the FBI's Citizens Academy at Quantico and along the way I'll be sharing some of their secrets.
Some of the great tips from last nights class that had to do with Cuffing, Defensive tactics, and Fitness.

From the Cuffing portion of the class;
  • Don't let a woman who's never handled a taser gun before - point it at you...ouch!

Defensive tactics;

  • Pay attention to the person punching the bag when you're holding it...


  • When working out, always hydrate! Best thing to hydrate with AFTER a workout is 1% Chocolate milk. (1% is best, anything more and you'll be pushing chubby)
  • Have your own Nutritionist at your fingertips -
  • Find out if your supplements are worth it -

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