Friday, August 22, 2008

Great Time With The Kids...

The Free Lance Star recently did an article about this non-profit equine rescue, so I thought I would score some major Daddy points with my Daughter and volunteer some time with the horses.
My Daughter is a major horse lover, and a big helper. After reading the article and finding out that Eagle Hill Equine Rescue needed volunteers I thought "2 for 1 deal". You can volunteer your time any time...1 day a year or many days a week. This place does some amazing things.
They specialize in young horses, some just 4 or 5 day old orphaned foals, which we hand raise to horses ready for saddle training up to the age of 4.
Mrs. Ann is in charge of this great "2nd chance" place and gave us an education along with an amazing experience. We were hooked after the first hour. My Daughter was grinning from ear to ear and my Wife and Son were having a great time to. Mrs. Ann said all the volunteers are meeting in September to have a special event to thank all volunteers - new and experienced. They plan on great chow, and entertainment. The EHER = Great family time, and it's tax deductable!
To LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE for the "foal" story.

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