Thursday, July 10, 2008

Geoff's First Pedicure...and He Was Afraid

Geoff went for his first pedicure yesterday. He was all freaked out about someone touching his feet - oh brother. His feet were the worst that we've ever seen. On an ugly scale of 1 to 10, they were an 11.
We had to beat him into submission to get him into the chair. At first he thought he was going to get the "Desperate Housewives Pedi" which consisted of shirtless guys dressed like Chip 'N Dale dancers all around dancing while working on your feet, but we let him off easy.
Look at the before and after pics...thank God he had it done. Now we can be seen with him while he's wearing his sandals.
If you're interested in going where Geoff went, email him;


-Mitch said...

Oh My God.
I almost threw up.

Jack said...

Hey, I think the before picture was not a real pick of his feet. I thought they was of Jessica's (JUst Kidding):-)
Never thought I would hear Jessica with anyone that was just as good if not better than her other partner, but you 2 seem to get along and there seems to be some kind of chemistry that shows.
Very glad you both have each other.

Anonymous said...

Even his AFTER his feet were done, they're still UGLY!

Keep your shoes on!

Anonymous said...

Real men aren't afraid to get pedicures.

Geoff, did they scrape your feet? The first time I saw that process I thought I was gonna be sick. It's like using a leveler, with skin shavings instead of wood shavings.

Michelle Nichols said...

I think they have done a great jog on your feet Geoff!!!The salon did my feet that same day, I was in there too, but came in a little bit later in the day. I think they do an awesome job. Now he Just has to come over to Merle Normans so he can have a man facial.DOnt worry geoff we wont put any makeup on you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my feet are still ugly, but not as bad.
Yes, they scraped my feet. It looked like it was snowing all around was bouncing off her shirt and forehead - it was all in s l o w m o t i o n .
Man facial...hmmm that sounds interesting.
: )
Geoff Moore