Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dead Wrong!

Anyone who's ever dealt with a meter maid or a parking enforcement cop knows one thing: There's NO excuse that's good enough to get them to let you off. And this story is even MORE proof of that.

Last week in Seattle, a parking enforcement officer . . . whose name wasn't released . . . saw a car parked in a two-hour spot for more than two hours. When she went up to the car, she saw a guy inside, sitting behind the wheel.

She knocked on the window twice. He didn't wake up. So she decided he was a sound sleeper, and gave him a $42 ticket. She was dead wrong.

About 40 minutes later, the man's girlfriend found the car, with the ticket on the windshield. Turns out, the guy wasn't a sound sleeper . . . HE WAS DEAD.

He's 36-year-old Derek Eldridge, and the police are still trying to figure out his cause of death.

As for the ticket . . . according to a sergeant from the Seattle police, the officer who gave Derek the ticket did NOTHING WRONG. Even though he didn't wake up when she knocked, there was no reason for her to suspect he was dead.

He also didn't say whether or not the ticket would be waived.

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