Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day Crazyness...

In honor of National Administrative Professionals Day, the editors of asked administrative assistants to weigh in with the craziest requests they've received. Here is a list of the best/crazy things...

  • Inspect the boss's sandwich every day to make sure it contained no tomatoes.
  • Drop off a pet's stool sample at the vet. "He left the container on my desk while I was having lunch."
  • Take a Johnny Mathis album cover to the tailor to find material that matched Johnny's jacket.
  • Stuff tissue between the boss's upper lip and teeth, after he chipped a tooth and then glued it back together.
  • Spray the boss's bald head with sunscreen.
  • Detail the cars...yes both of them
  • Pretend your him over the phone and fire someone

We know you run the office and our hats are off to you!

What's the worst thing your boss has ever made you do as part of your job?

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