Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 09-09-09 ! It's a Rare Palindromic Moment

Where day/month/year are all the same is called a Palindrome - a word or phrase that reads the same backward as forward. One of the most amazing examples of a Palindrome is a 543-word palindrome was created in 1984 by Dan Hoey with help of a computer program he wrote. CLICK HERE NOW to see it (scroll down half way on page) How many can you come up with???
Palindromic dates are also rare and only happen 12 times a century for each number between 1 and 12.
Palindromic dates are of interest to recreational mathematicians and numerologists, and sometimes generate comment in the general media.[6] Whether or not a date is palindromic depends on the style in which it is written. For example, in the dd/mm/yyyy style, the 20th of February in 2002 (20-02-2002) was palindromic.
Also, the last palindromic date was November 30, 2003 (30/11/03). The next one will be on January 1, 2010 (01/1/10.)
Can you list them?

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