Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Hole in One? or A Huge Hole in One?

AUGUSTA — A golfer looking for an errant tee shot found a half-buried hand grenade near the eighth fairway of the Augusta Municipal Golf Course.

The Richmond County sheriff’s bomb squad was called to the scene after Wednesday’s discovery and detonated the war relic.

Bomb squad investigator Charles Mulherin says recent heavy rains washing down a hill probably unearthed the Mk 2, or “pineapple” grenade, used by the U.S. military from the final months of World War I until the Vietnam War.

Mulherin says he did not know if the grenade was live, so the bomb squad detonated it.

During World War I, the land that became the golf course was part of Camp Hancock, a sprawling Army base that included woods unsuitable for tents because of a ravine.

AP News

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