Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got Home Remedy?

This is the time of year where we all pick up something we don't want...a cold, the flu, the chills, just to name a few. We're looking for great home remedies that will help you feel great in no time. We've found a few great ones (CLICK HERE) that may help like;

Soothe a sore throat

Gargle twice daily with a solution of six pressed garlic cloves mixed into a glass of warm (not hot) water. Follow the regimen for 3 days. A recent study shows that fresh garlic juice has antimicrobial properties that fight pain-causing bacteria. The warm liquid soothes inflamed tissue.

Prevent a headache

Try relaxing magnesium (200 to 400 mg) to reduce the muscle tension and spasms that can cause your noggin to throb. But not any type will do. Make sure the supplement contains at least 200 mg of active elemental magnesium. Because magnesium is more preventive than curative, the treatment works best on, say, premenstrual headaches because you can predict when they're coming and take a dose a day in advance. Those with kidney problems should consult a health care practitioner before taking magnesium.
— Ronald Hoffman, MD

If you've found something that will help others - leave it in the "comments" area below. Thanks in advance! In the mean time, keep a can of chicken soup handy.

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